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The most comfortable option


In Valencia Yachting Center we have looked for the most comfortable and efficient formula for you. That is why we opted for a 100% online form.

The theoretical part is done with MarKetMar's method, so you will not depend on anyone and it will be extremely simple because of his explanations and exercises in video and pdf so clear and simple.

The practical part is always face to face. The radio practices we will look for you as close to your home as possible, and the sailing part we will receive you in one of our boats here in the Marina of Valencia.

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The most exciting option


If you are looking for something more than obtaining the title, if you are looking for this process to become an indelible memory, if you are looking to feel and live what you will later have to reflect on paper.

Why not study on top of a boat?

We propose you a week of sailing where, in addition to doing at the same time all the sailing practices you will need, you will learn without the need of books or notes. 

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The option if you go on your own


You are one of those who have gone your own way, you have found your own notes, you know all the videos on youtube and you have taken more exams than the examiners themselves.

All you need now is the internship!!!

It's true that you can do them anywhere, but we recommend that before enrolling in any school you find out something that is not usually counted... THE BOAT ON WHICH YOU ARE GOING TO DO YOUR INTERNSHIP... we leave it right here next to you 😉.

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