From Valencia Yachting Center we want to make it easy for you SAIL ALL YEAR ROUND WITHOUT PROBLEMSWe want to make it easy for you, enjoying everything, without worries, economical, with quality boats and with different, dynamic, fun, safe and professional services and activities.

We are waiting for you on board, wishing you good winds to fulfill your dreams.


How did it all start?

My present and my future began to be defined in 1990, when as a young boy we set up a sailing school for children, so that I could help at home with college expenses. I was not yet aware of the interest that I had in doing TEAM THINGS with the other instructors, with the children, discovering to the parents the abilities of their children.


What was he really looking for?

Some years later I finished my university studies and started working, first from the bottom, as a civil engineer in projects and works, then as a Manager, ending as CEO with important responsibilities..., but in essence it took me some time to discover that what really attracted me the most was the HUMAN SIDE I was attracted to companies, people, dreams and challenges.


The current situation

In 2011 I decided to leave Sao Paolo where I had been expatriated for almost 4 years as CEO of an important multinational, the most important decision was to stop working for others and create a company with the necessary ingredients to be happy.

It all started in front of a mirror, answering myself what I wanted to do with my life, and the answer was to create something new where I could unite my two great passions, SAILING AND PEOPLE.

That same year we managed to go to market with the brand "Corporate Yachting & Partners", in the midst of the crisis, in a context where nobody was betting anything for us......., but that distrust and skepticism pushed us even stronger, generating in 2020 a balance sheet which reflects the more than 1250 teams with which we have collaborated, helping more than 10,000 people to discover the best they can give to a team, their light and shadow, and above all to define with them an infinite course called "Corporate Yachting & Partners". GROWTH.

During 2020 The COVID also arrives to our lives, putting an end to practically all the options to carry out face-to-face activities for company teams, a new challenge in sight..., it was time to reinvest again.

In the midst of the global turmoil generated by the pandemic, we discovered that with sailboats we could bring a lot of value to all those people who needed to get out of their homes and get away from it all. SAFE PLACES AND SPACES so we decided to focus on proposals for individuals, creating a new Brand that offers everything you need to be happy on a boat, a company that is YOUR BRIDGE TO THE SEA.

Jose Alfredo Lopez

CEO - Valencia Yachting Center

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